The future’s unfolding in 2025.

Innovator. Engineer. Father.

For more than 40 years, Henry Thorne has been creating innovative products that change the way things get done for industries and individuals. Even before attending Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Mellon University, Henry believed he could make anything work and his childhood years were spent doing just that – gathering materials and mechanisms and creating.

After being among the first to graduate from CMU’s Robotics Institute, General Motors sought Henry’s expertise to create and introduce large scale robotics to their assembly lines that changed the way automobiles were assembled.

The innovations continued with the development of his autonomous mobile robots (TUGS), which can be seen in hospitals across the country transporting medical goods and supplies. In 2006 he cofounded 4moms, and began to turn his innovative skills to the development of products for parents and their children.

Today Henry is continuing to pursue his passion by creating a better experience for parents with the founding of Thorne Baby and the invention of the all new Thorne Fold Play Yard – the only play yard that comes Ready to Play right out of the box with no assembly required.

The Fold Play Yard features:

Half the weight of other high end players yards for easy mobility.

A unique design that’s Ready to Play in under 2 minutes with no assembly required.

A lightweight mattress that’s thicker and much easier to install than any other on the market.

An available changing table that’s easier to reach and lasts longer than any other on the market.

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